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Developing and sourcing product with unique features is a hallmark of Force360. From the simple lift-up face visor of the Guardian+ goggle to the enhanced graphene yarn used in Graphex gloves, Force360 continues to innovate and introduce industry-first products. With innovation comes a brand that stands apart from others and offers a viable alternative for distributors and end-users who seek genuine points of difference, value, and trusted performance.


Products in Australia only need to comply with Australian or European Standards; for Force360, this is unacceptable. Compliance with a standard is simply a claim. Certification of products by an independent Notified Body (NB) ensures the product meets the claim. This validation by the NB is vital for ensuring the protection levels are accurate. Indeed in Europe, certification to the latest PPE standards is mandatory; in Australia, not so. Force360 has raised the bar by ensuring its products are certified. A point of difference that ensures Force360 protects to the highest standard and provides peace of mind for the wearer, employer, and distributor.


Functionality should never be underestimated; safety should just work!
Good function is not often recognised, but when paired with reliability, brand trust is created. At Force360, we believe good product functionality is critical. Every Force360 product is Designed to Protect, simply and effectively. You can rely on that.


Only products that ‘feel right’ straight away bear the Force360 logo. With the ever-increasing need for PPE to be worn, comfortable, well-fitted products are essential. All of the Force360 products are fit tested and trialled for user comfort. Try the Force360 24/7 safety spectacle with its exclusive Flexbridge II nose bridge and comfort sidearms. They are designed for all-day comfort, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Exhaustive testing is carried out to ensure products work, time and time again. Stress points, moving parts, material strengths, and in-situ trialling are continually tested and performed to ensure our products last the distance. Innovative approaches to durability are continuously sought. The new 18 gauge Cut Level F Graphex® Quantum gloves’ abrasion level equates to a glove with extreme longevity that can outlast competitors by up to three times.

Personal protective equipment should provide the highest level of protection where possible.
By working with third party Notified Bodies and extensively resourcing our product development team,
Force360 has become a market leader in the industry.
Our difference: a range of products that are designed to protect