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Hand Protection Key Technologies

Our Coatings

Foam Latex

Like crinkle cut latex, foam latex has all the same benefits of exceptional dry grip and good resistance to snagging, the micro foam process increases the gripping power when liquids arepresent.

Our Liners & Yarns

General Purpose

Nylon Spandex

Nylon spandex liners are built with comfort and durability in mind. Many FPR non cut gloves use a nylon spandex liner to ensure enhanced comfort through flexibility, softness and breathability. Nylon spandex liners are available 15 and 18 gauge.


Polyester liners are found in several non cut WORX gloves like our popular GWORX100 and 101. Polyester provides a simple cost effective alternative to nylon spandex, whilst maintaining good breathability, dexterity and comfort.

Cut Resistant


Sinomac is a an engineered cut resistant yarn that brings coolness to the hand as well as excellent dexterity due to the gloves thinness. Sinomac is found in several Force360 FPR Series gloves.

HPPE & Glass

HPPE and glass offer good levels of cut resistance at competitive pricing, this base yarn has been an industry favourite for many years thanks to its cut resistant properties.


Glass and Steel wire free - SilkFlex is amongst the softest and most flexible cut resistant yarns in our range. SilkFlex uses a specifically engineered HPPE to create a silk like feel whilst providing moderate cut protection levels. Perfectly suited for people who have to wear gloves all day and appreciate comfort and coolness whilst working.

Aramid FR

Aramid yarn is known for its high strength, heat resistance, strong fabric integrity even at high temperatures, high tenacity, resistance to abrasion, resistance to chemicals and organic solvents, and failure to melt. When combined with steel wire and other engineered fibres mechanical performances can improve even further, so high cut resistance is achievable.

Our Mechanics Palms

Reinforced Palm

Reinforced Palm ProForce reinforced palm utilizes a Kevlar construction base to provide excellent grip, abrasion resistance and protection from jagged objects.

Silicone Grip Palm

Strategically placed silicone grip palm offers enhanced grip particularly suited for handling dry & shiny surfaces like glass and steel.

Pressed Palm

Premium Enduro synthetic pressed palm provides good abrasion resistance, color fastness and is 0.8mm in thickness. An effective all round palm for multi-purpose applications.

Gel Palm

Force360’s 3.5mm GelPan padding is strategically placed to absorb vibrations and improve grip in heavy conditions. It performs exceptionally well with power and pneumatic tools.

PVC Dot Palm

PVC dots add structure and strength when fused into a gloves palm and assist with handling heavy tools and objects.

Leather Palm

Force360 undergoes strict QA testing of its leather gloves to ensure thickness is consistent and in accordance to minimum and maximum levels. The leather’s suppleness is periodically checked. EN420 testing ensures PH levels are within acceptable levels, and there is no presence of chromium or any other skin irritants. Sizing and fit checks are also carried out. Leather provides good resistance to heat and performs well for general purpose applications.